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The Lineup at the End of the World

So I guess I'll try writing a story here on my smartphone. Tapping through letter by letter could challenge my patience, but with practice I suppose I'll get more adept at the keyboard, maybe even as fast as writing by hand. The main problems I'm experiencing now are bad aim and a sore neck—and forgetting that this app saves with a double click on the back button.

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Bearing Testimonies of Death

Pedro sat and seethed through the first half of testimony meeting. Although no one had focused unduly on death so far, he knew it was only a matter of time until someone took fifteen minutes to say “I know death is an ordained part of God’s plan” or “I’m excited to die someday and go see my grandma again” or “The scriptures say again and again that death is part of God’s intentions for us” or some other extradoctrinal bitsnbytes even though the Church has never had an official policy. Even Elder Matsasuke stopped talking about the necessity of death when his wife died.

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Lowly Seraphim is a collaborative website/webportal/webring of Mormon speculative fiction. The name comes from the last sentence of an essay by project instigator Mark Penny, who wanted to create a place where Mormons who love to write and read speculative fiction could gather, share and learn.

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The Tenth, Not Final, Plague

I myself would not believe it, if not for the bell. Every night it rings–and rings and rings until I open the door and find–nothing. The tight corridor between the elevator, my neighbor’s door and the door to the stairwell crouches before me with an emptiness like famine, with a blackness like a plague of night.

Flash (1 to 1,000 words)

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