About Registration

Like all websites, we have to deal with spammers and spambots, so

  1. People who want to participate must register as users.
  2. Registrations must be approved by an administrator.

This means that although you can register any time, you won't be able to comment or post until your registration is approved. As each registration is announced by an email to an administrator, approval should take less than 24 hours.

This website blocks spambots using a method which may block some users. If you are blocked while attempting to register, click here.

Membership Limit

It appears there's a limit on site membership. Sorry about that if you've been trying to sign up since we hit 5. I've deleted my checker account (the one I use to see what the site looks like to non-admin members), so there's room for one more, but we definitely are going to have to look for new digs.