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The Street Child Protection Agency

Loosh was of age and he wanted a divorce. When his parents asked why, he said, “I don’t have to tell you, but I will.” When he’d told them, his mother said, “Are you sure about this, dear?” and his father said, “You ungrateful little—!”

When the conversation was over, Loosh called his lawyer, who arranged lodging for the night and set aside half an hour to meet with him the next day.

“That boarding house stinks!” Loosh commented when admitted to his lawyer’s cubicle the next morning.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)


Susan stood in her doorway and frowned down at the note, its handwriting all sharp, black spikes. She could read the words, “Dear Sister Marsh,” but everything after that was as unintelligible as Cyrillic. She glanced at the girl standing on her front porch, who shifted her weight from one skinny leg to the other.

“Tell me again who sent you here, honey?” Susan asked.

Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Toward a Mormon Speculative Fiction e-Collective, Part II: Spec Lit and a Theory of Mormon Literature

In the second of three guest posts leading up to the launch of a proposed website dedicated to displaying and developing talent in Mormon speculative fiction, project instigator Mark Penny waxes analytical over the role of speculative fiction writer as disciple of Christ in the community of Zion. To participate in a discussion of the project, click here.


An Inclusive Introduction

The Perils of Mantis

Mantis was helpless, though he gnashed his mandibles and lashed his baggy sleeves. The thunder godling plucked him like an unguarded aphid and swallowed him into an airless belly ripe with twisted light.


"Daddy," said the nine-year-old, "today I caught a mantis. They're very rare. I put it in a tin with some leaves and a weevil, but it hasn't eaten yet."

"Hmm," said the father.

The sky sieved a torrent, drip by drip.

"Let's go downstairs to the parking lot and get umbrellas, then we'll go on to the school."


Magic realism
Flash (1 to 1,000 words)

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There Shall Be Time No More

They did not so much waken as find themselves to be. They remembered. A ship. A journey to a star. The quiet sleep, tended by machines. Were they still dreaming? But it had been no sleep of dreams. When they closed their eyes, they were five, each separate in a bed of ice, watched separately by a brain of dancing light: heartbeats and breathing—distinct, joined only in purpose, not in mind.

Assab had quarreled with Whitaker. Stratova had lusted after Hung. Kaku had brooded by himself, one of them, but apart, never open to their hearts.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Eager for the Fall

The last thousand years had been pretty good. Those who'd been around for any of the previous thousand still harped on about what a relief it was to finally have a government that cared and knew how to. It was so nice, they intoned, not to go hungry unless you wanted to, not to get shot while out shopping, not to have to change channels mid-movie because the dominant aesthetic called for a salutary stirring of the baser passions.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)