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Seduction (novel excerpt)

There were several more crystal bottles with different-colored contents on ledge ledge above the tub, which had tarnished iron dragons for legs.  Shemona upended one of them entirely, spattering the cool porcelain with a glutinous crimson substance.  She shivered, and turned the tap on full-blast. 

The bubbles foamed up on the water immediately. Shemona slid into it, feeling the scalding liquid rise up on her body.  By the time Thessaly stuck her head in again, the water was high in the tub, the bubbles up around Shemona’s neck. She quickly moved her left hand under the surface.

Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

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The Mountaineer Council (novel excerpt)

They rode down into the valley, passing clumps of pole-willows and aspen that clustered in the open space like bouquets. The air was sweet with the spicy scent of the little white flowers that starred the grass, which was tall enough to close over the shoulders of the burro and tickle Shemona’s elbows. 

 They rode toward the buildings.  One open, rough-hewn structure was obviously a stable—Shemona heard the whuffling and neighing of horses.  

Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Auld Lang Syne

There was this girl and, oh, what a girl! I don’t mean that in any whoa-babe-any-man-would-be-glad-to-have-you-in-his-blanket sense of the term. I mean I liked her a lot for who she was and who she was turning out to be, and I would have been glad to hitch my horse to the same wagon and cross any prairie you chose with the gal—warts, babies, dust and all.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

But We Were Still and One

“Earth is over there,” he said, pointing with his chin at a vague cluster of tiny, white smudges on the wall of the sky. The soughing of waves on sand beat like a crimp-stoned drummer, regular but slow. Feathery greenness swayed out of time overhead. Beach biters nipped at our feet. We brushed them off with gritty soles.

He looked at his watch. “Two more minutes.”

Science fiction
Flash (1 to 1,000 words)

Toward a Mormon Speculative Fiction e-Collective, Part I: The Charlatans of God

In the first of three guest posts (on Dawning of a Brighter Day) leading up to the launch of a proposed website dedicated to displaying and developing talent in Mormon speculative fiction, project instigator Mark Penny waxes poetic over the role of speculative fiction writer as disciple of Christ in the community of Zion. To participate in a discussion of the project, click here.