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Sione could tell the wind was blowing. Through his classroom window, he could see the thick band of vegetation marking the perimeter. The aspens, each exactly the same height, shape and shade, glittered and sent beads of light dancing along the manicured grass surrounding their trunks.

He slipped from the room, sliding his hand up under his shirt to detatch the tube from the medication shunt imbedded in his side between the bottom two ribs. Carefully he worked his way along the hall into the shadowy corner by the school’s sanitation facility.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Sacred Places

Each day at dusk, a pillar of fire erupted over the treetops and gyrated in the air above the ruined temple that James and his team of archeologists called the Temple of the Flame. And everyday, Rachael Murray stood outside and regarded the pillar the way a jealous lover might a rival, and wondered if James would come home for dinner.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)


Journal entry 31 Aug 2126

I hate Fifth Sundays. Especially when I'm in charge. The Rennact went well, despite Bro. Tellic being an emotional mess. This is his third pregnancy and you would think he would be used to it, but I found him weeping in the baptismal font like a silly baby. He was curled up on the tiles watching bcasts to his visual cortex of his last birth. I talked him into joining us and finally he did, but I wish his wife would keep a better eye on him. We all know what he's like when he forgets his Natalex®.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Bearing Testimonies of Death

Pedro sat and seethed through the first half of testimony meeting. Although no one had focused unduly on death so far, he knew it was only a matter of time until someone took fifteen minutes to say “I know death is an ordained part of God’s plan” or “I’m excited to die someday and go see my grandma again” or “The scriptures say again and again that death is part of God’s intentions for us” or some other extradoctrinal bitsnbytes even though the Church has never had an official policy. Even Elder Matsasuke stopped talking about the necessity of death when his wife died.

Science fiction
Flash (1 to 1,000 words)


Susan stood in her doorway and frowned down at the note, its handwriting all sharp, black spikes. She could read the words, “Dear Sister Marsh,” but everything after that was as unintelligible as Cyrillic. She glanced at the girl standing on her front porch, who shifted her weight from one skinny leg to the other.

“Tell me again who sent you here, honey?” Susan asked.

Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Toward a Mormon Speculative Fiction e-Collective, Part II: Spec Lit and a Theory of Mormon Literature

In the second of three guest posts leading up to the launch of a proposed website dedicated to displaying and developing talent in Mormon speculative fiction, project instigator Mark Penny waxes analytical over the role of speculative fiction writer as disciple of Christ in the community of Zion. To participate in a discussion of the project, click here.


An Inclusive Introduction

The Perils of Mantis

Mantis was helpless, though he gnashed his mandibles and lashed his baggy sleeves. The thunder godling plucked him like an unguarded aphid and swallowed him into an airless belly ripe with twisted light.


"Daddy," said the nine-year-old, "today I caught a mantis. They're very rare. I put it in a tin with some leaves and a weevil, but it hasn't eaten yet."

"Hmm," said the father.

The sky sieved a torrent, drip by drip.

"Let's go downstairs to the parking lot and get umbrellas, then we'll go on to the school."


Magic realism
Flash (1 to 1,000 words)

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