Seduction (novel excerpt)

There were several more crystal bottles with different-colored contents on ledge ledge above the tub, which had tarnished iron dragons for legs.  Shemona upended one of them entirely, spattering the cool porcelain with a glutinous crimson substance.  She shivered, and turned the tap on full-blast. 

The bubbles foamed up on the water immediately. Shemona slid into it, feeling the scalding liquid rise up on her body.  By the time Thessaly stuck her head in again, the water was high in the tub, the bubbles up around Shemona’s neck. She quickly moved her left hand under the surface.

Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

Sacred Places

Each day at dusk, a pillar of fire erupted over the treetops and gyrated in the air above the ruined temple that James and his team of archeologists called the Temple of the Flame. And everyday, Rachael Murray stood outside and regarded the pillar the way a jealous lover might a rival, and wondered if James would come home for dinner.

Science fiction
Short (1001 to 7,500 words)

The Tenth, Not Final, Plague

I myself would not believe it, if not for the bell. Every night it rings–and rings and rings until I open the door and find–nothing. The tight corridor between the elevator, my neighbor’s door and the door to the stairwell crouches before me with an emptiness like famine, with a blackness like a plague of night.

Flash (1 to 1,000 words)

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